STING - Technical Services for Engineering - Venice (IT)
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Company description

STING S.r.l. - Technical Services for Engineering, born in 2001, is a company which operates in the design and supervision of civil engineering structures, industrial buildings, marine works, mechanical and electrical installations. Guided by the Technical Director, Eng. Francesco Cazzagon, in ten years STING S.r.l. increased experience designing and supervisioning the construction of private and public works, offering a complete support to the customers which normally starts with the project-design and than continues with economical estimating, architectural design, structural design, installations design, supervision of the works, final acceptance.

Head office of the Company is in Italy, Venice - S. Croce 4/a, where operate thecnical managers for each specialist area. Company Thechnical Director is Eng. Francesco Cazzagon, graduated with honors in Italy - Padoa, Univerisity of Civil Engineering in 1985, who received in 1992 the title of "Construction Science Expert" at the Architectural University of Venice - Italy.

Sting s.r.l. Santa Croce 4/a, 30135 Venice - Italy, p.i. 03267150278 Phone: (+39) 041 8223033 Fax: (+39) 041 2756382